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Happiness & Sustainability

This website gives an introduction to my research on the topic of how happiness and sustainability are linked and how this connection could be utilized to promote sustainable lifestyles. Starting point is the idea of connecting two rather essential issues: first the current challenge to achieve sustainable development, second the good old quest for happiness in life. Given the fact that more and more material wealth doesn’t increase happiness infinitely, revisiting concepts of happiness might actually show us pathways for a more environmentally sound life that allows more well-being and happiness.

Essays on selected issues

An introduction to my research work can be found in these short essays:

Happiness and Sustainability – an introduction. J. Dallmer (pdf)

Education for well-being and happiness_j.dallmer (pdf)

Happiness as political leitmotiv_j.dallmer (pdf)

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The research is part of my Phd Thesis. [Abstract] The project is work in progress – feedback is very much welcome!
For more information contact me via mail@glueckundnachhaltigkeit.de


Education on happiness and sustainability

Besides the scientific research I also aim at including the topics and ideas into educational pratice. I have been working as work in the field of education for more than 10 years, especially on the topic of Education for sustainable Development. Introducing happiness as a topic could enrich the given approaches on learning about gloable issues and sustainability significantly. Methods and concepts for educational activities are on the way to be developed – I am happy to cooperate with you!

More about my educational activites and experience can be found at www.jochendallmer.net


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