This website gives an introduction to my research on the topic of happiness and sustainability. It starts from the finding that to successfully aim for sustainable development we do need to abandon the idea of growth and redefine the importance of material wealth. The key question of a sustainable mode of living therefore is: ‘much is enough for a good life?’ While is is rather obvious that more and more material wealth doesn’t increase happiness infinitely, there are many ideas about happy and sustainable lifestyles. These include rather ascetic approaches as well as spiritual ideas. My favourite though is the hedonist approach, that goes for quality experiences instead of a quantity of stuff. This is described in detail in my phd thesis – you can find a one-page summary here.

If you are curious to learn more about my research and work please contact me – or invite me for a talk in your academic or non-academic setting. I presented my research at various international venues and will be happy to adapt style and content of my presentation to the interest of your audience.
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Summary phd thesis